International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

13 Nov 2016

  1. International Days of Prayers for the Persecuted Church – 2016

  2. Persecuted Christians Lifted Up in Prayer by Churches Worldwide This Sunday

  3. Why The Church Has Got To Start Caring About Persecuted Christians

  4. How to Pray for the Persecuted Church

  5. Hungary takes imperative steps to help persecuted Christians from the Middle East

  6. ‘The Insanity of God’ Film on Persecuted Christians Will Be Shown for One-Day Only

  7. Chinese Church Refuses to Bow to Demands of Communist Gov’t, Continues Meeting Daily

  8. International Christian Concern

  9. Revelation 3: The victorious persecuted Church

  10. Churches worldwide take part in International Day of Prayer for persecuted Christians

  11. Seven Ways Christians Should Respond to Persecution

  12. Syrian Christian pastor -“I don’t feel ‘seduced’ to leave Aleppo”

  13. Syrian priest: ‘No words to describe the suffering’

  14. Syrian Christian spearheads ‘one million voices’ petition to support Church to stay in ME

  15. Global Church Too Self-Centered, Needs to Reach Out to Persecuted Brothers and Sisters, Says Open Doors President

  16. As Christians Flee The Middle East, The Church Is Full Of New Believers

  17. Christian migrants find discrimination follows them to Europe

  18. Religion-driven hostility to Christians follows them to German refugee centres

  19. Do You Want To Help Persecuted Christians Through Prayer? These Charities Will Tell You How

  20. ‘This Is How We Spread Hope’: Iraqi Christians Persecuted By ISIS Donate Money To Help One Another

  21. PERSECUTION Iran not shy about stepping up persecution of Christians

  22. North Korean Christians stewarding their ministry

  23. Hello churches, meet your persecuted brothers

  24. Vision Beyond Borders

  25. Christians To Floodlight Churches Red For Middle East Martyrs

  26. Fighting for Christians Facing Genocide in Federal Court


  28. Christians in Nigeria face crisis beyond the attention of the West

  29. US must support safe haven for persecuted Christians in the Middle East

  30. No Stopping Church Growth in North Korea Despite 70 Years of Christian Persecution

  31. Dozens of Chinese Christians Beaten, Detained By Authorities As Persecution Rages On

  32. 80 Percent of Christians Have Been Forced to Flee Iraq Since 2003, Says Head of Open Doors UK

  33. Iraqi Christians Worship Amid Charred Church Ruins for First Time Since Liberation

  34. Christians in North Korea ‘Not Praying for Freedom,’ but for Westerners Who ‘Put Their Faith in Money’

  35. Christians ‘Crushed Under Steamroller’ and ‘Hung on a Cross Over Fire’ in North Korea

  36. North Koreans Told Christians ‘Kill People, Suck Their Blood,’ Says Woman Who Started Prison Camp Church

  37. FIRST-PERSON: Staring at the persecuted church

  38. Open Doors UK

  39. 10 Ways to Pray for the Persecuted Church

  40. Praying for the Persecuted Church: ‘Sorrow and Triumph’

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