Jakarta’s Christian Governor Jailed for Blasphemy

14 May 2017

  1.  Jakarta’s Christian Governor Ahok jailed for two years for blasphemy

  2.  Shock decision to jail Ahok continues to divide Indonesia

  3.  Ahok: Indonesia’s religious tolerance on trial?

  4.  Decision to jail Ahok politically driven: Lawyer

  5.  Ahok jailing a victory for Muslim extremists in Indonesia

  6.  International rights groups express concerns following Ahok verdict

  7.  Lawyers: Court Verdict for Ahok Was Based on Fear

  8.  Ahok did not defame Islam: Harvard alumni petition

  9.  Ahok verdict: Mob politics brings down Jakarta’s Christian governor

  10.  Support pours in for Ahok after verdict

  11.  ASEAN lawmakers alarmed at conviction of Ahok

  12.  Questions raised over court’s harsh sentence for Jakarta governor Ahok  over blasphemy conviction

  13.  Supporters rally for Ahok; he says ‘fight not over yet’

  14.  Parties supporting Ahok call on public to respect court ruling

  15.  Protests in Jakarta after Christian governor convicted of blasphemy

  16.  Christian Governor in Indonesia Found Guilty of Blasphemy Against Islam

  17. Post-blasphemy ruling, Indonesia’s reputation for pluralism takes a hit

  18. Indonesia: Ahok conviction for blasphemy is an injustice

  19. Ahok’s verdict prompts fresh calls for review of “draconian” Blasphemy law

  20. EDITORIAL: Injustice for Ahok

  21. ‘I’ll replace Ahok in prison’: Djarot

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Christians and the Environment

30 Apr 2017

  1. Earth Day

  2. Christians and the Environment – Geneva College

  3. A Biblical Perspective on Environmental Stewardship

  4. Christians and the Environment: How Should Christians Think about the Environment?

  5. A Burning Issue: Christian care for the environment by Robert White

  6. Loving the Environment Is a Christian Responsibility – Christianity Today

  7. Christian Environmentalism – Raymond G. Bohlin Ph.D.

  8. Operation Noah | A Christian response to climate change

  9. The Bible doesn’t talk about climate change, right?

  10. Should Christians Work to Protect the Environment? Billy Graham’s Answer

  11. Global Weirding with Katharine Hayhoe

  12. A Rocha – a Christian nature conservation organization

  13. Why Conservation Is a Gospel Issue

  14. Why Christians Should Love Creation, not ‘Nature’

  15. Stephen Fitch: The Good News Regarding the Environment – Biola University Chapel

  16. How should we steward the environment?  Biola University

  17. How can we be better stewards of the environment?  Biola University

  18. What viewpoints are out there?  Biola University

  19. Do we have a responsibility to the environment?  Biola University

  20. Do Christians care about the environment?  Biola University

  21. Do Christians Need to Care About the Environment?  Pastor Scott Creps

  22. How Should Christians Care for the Environment?  Duke University – Kyle Van Houtan

  23. Why Christians Should Care for Creation – Dr Calvin B. DeWitt

  24. Christians and the Environment:  Dr. Howard Snyder

  25. Why should Christians care for the environment? Professor Bob White

  26. Does the World Matter to God? Why Should it Matter to Us? Professor John Lennox and Professor Mark Boslough

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North Korea Update

07 May 2017

  1. China ‘tells citizens to leave North Korea’ as tensions with US escalate

  2. A North Korea conflict will be ‘credit negative’ for South Korea

  3. China ‘tells citizens to leave North Korea’ as tensions with US escalate

  4.  North Korea defector hails Trump’s tough stance on hostile country

  5.  North Korea threat: Pyongyang directly criticizes China in rare move

  6.  US missile defense: Getting to ‘ready’ on North Korea threat

  7.  Where could North Korea hit the US? What we know about North Korea’s nuclear weapons

  8.  Activity at North Korea nuclear site resumes: monitor

  9.  As US and China find common ground on North Korea, is Russia the wild card?

  10. North Korean state media lashes out at main ally China

  11. North Korea says American was detained for ‘attempted subversion’

  12. As tensions mount over Syria and North Korea, World War III again a U.S. fear

  13. Market Totalitarianism in North Korea

  14. China urges all sides in North Korea standoff to ‘stop irritating’ one another

  15. A Son of North Korean Refugees Poised to Take Power in South

  16. Korea expert: There’s only one logical conclusion for Trump’s ‘tough talk’ on North Korea

  17. North Korea threatens to sink US nuclear submarine

  18. North Korea’s Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile Program: Are the Tests Poised to Accelerate?

  19. Anger grows in South Korea over US anti-missile system

  20. Why Do North Koreans Hate Us? One Reason — They Remember the Korean War

  21. What Trump’s thinking on North Korea

  22. US readying new North Korea sanctions if needed: Tillerson

  23. Tillerson Singles Out China in Trump’s New Approach on North Korea

  24. Defiant North Korea hints at nuclear tests to boost force ‘to the maximum’

  25. THAAD can defend against North Korean missiles, South Korea says

  26. North Korea test-fires ballistic missile in defiance of world pressure

  27. North Korea vows to “speed up” nuclear program as THAAD goes operational

  28. Japan sends biggest warship ‘to escort American vessels amid North Korea threat’

  29. North Korea’s nuclear push masks army coming apart at seams

  30. Trump says North Korea’s Kim is ‘a pretty smart cookie’

  31. Major conflict with North Korea possible: Trump

  32. Trump warns NKorea that US, China ‘won’t be happy’ with missile tests, hints at military action

  33. North Korea missile test: regime has ‘disrespected China’, says Donald Trump

23 Apr 2017

  1.  South Korea on heightened alert as North readies for army celebration

  2.  Russia ‘moves troops and equipment’ to North Korea border, as Kim Jong-un warns of ‘super-mighty pre-emptive strike’

  3.  Kremlin: We won’t discuss reports Russian troops moving toward North Korea border

  4. How to deal with the world’s most dangerous regime

  5.  US official: With eye on North Korea, China puts bombers on ‘high alert’

  6.  North Korea: ‘Super-mighty pre-emptive strike’ will reduce US to ashes

  7.  Trump Unleashes the Generals. They Don’t Always See the Big Picture

  8.  As North Korea Tensions Rise, Farming in the Demilitarized Zone Goes On

  9.  Trump praises Chinese efforts on North Korea ‘menace,’ Pyongyang  warns of strike

  10.  China adjusts its North Korea policy

  11.  UN Security Council threatens new sanctions on North Korea

  12.  U.S. Spy Planes Watching for Possible North Korea Nuke Test

  13.  Tensions with North Korea still simmering despite diplomacy talk

  14.  McMaster: North Korea ‘coming to a head’

  15.  Hayden: Why Russia is more worried about war than US

  16.  UN chief says ‘everything’ must be done to confront North Korea

  17.  Eradicating North Korea’s Nuclear Bombs

  18.  Sudden strike on North Korea could be on table

  19.  US VP Pence says to North Korea: ‘The sword stands ready’

  20.  How to Defuse the Crisis With North Korea

  21.  How Washington hard-liners helped to create the North Korean crisis

  22.  North Korea says ‘don’t mess with us’ as US plans next move

  23.  Why North Korea is China’s latent enemy

  24.  There’s no such thing as a failed missile launch: Lessons from North  Korea, the post-truth capital of the world

  25.  The war in Syria has been great for North Korea

  26.  China criticizes North Korea, praises US on nuclear issue

  27.  Have North Korea’s missile tests paid off?

  28.  Russia vetoes UN statement on North Korea’s missile tests

  29.  Has the North Korean threat increased?

  30.  Kim Jong Un enjoys propaganda video depicting bombing of US

  31.  Is Donald Trump’s Unpredictability an Advantage in Handling North Korea?

  32. Could North Korea Hit the U.S. with a Nuclear Missile?

  33.  Undermine North Korea’s nuclear ambitions with pro-Western propaganda, says former ambassador

  34.  Japan could rescue nationals in Korean crisis: Defence chief

  35.  How the hell has North Korea managed to build a massive military stockpile?

  36.  The North Korean Red Line

  37.  Is America Really Ready for a Second Korean War?

  38.  Pentagon to test ability to shoot down North Korean missiles

  39.  Trump: China taking unprecedented steps to help with North Korea’s nukes

  40.  China is paralyzed on looming North Korea threat. Will Trump show restraint?

  41.   McMaster calls on North Korea to stop ‘destabilizing behavior’

  42.  A ‘Cuban Missile Crisis in Slow Motion’ in North Korea

  43.  Pence, in South Korea, Calls North Korea Missile Test ‘a Provocation’

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16 Apr 2017

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  1.  Professor N.T. Wright on Jesus Resurrection (videos)

  2.  Why the Resurrection Matters

  3.  The Resurrection Changes Everything | Christianity Today

  4.  How Important Is the Resurrection to Christianity?

  5.  The Significance of Christ’s Resurrection

  6.  Can you question the Resurrection and still be a Christian?

  7.  The Ultimate Proof of Christianity (The Resurrection of Jesus)

  8.  Jesus’ Resurrection and Christian Origins – N.T. Wright Page

  9.  Can you be a Christian and Not Believe in the Resurrection

  10.  Christian Origins and  The Resurrection of Jesus as a Historical Problem

  11.  Christ’s Resurrection Is The Foundation Of Christianity

  12.  The Resurrection and the Rise of Christianity

  13.  Christianity, the Resurrection of Christ, and the Mystery Religions

  14.  Jesus Christ’s Resurrection: The Exclamation Point

  15.  The Resurrection of Jesus Christ as Christianity’s Centerpiece

  16.  3 Reasons the Resurrection Matters by Brian G. Hedges

  17.  Historical Evidence for the Resurrection | Desiring God

  18.  What Does Christianity Teach About the Resurrection of Our Bodies

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Crucifixion of Christ

9 Apr 2017

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  1. Christian Student Suspended After Challenging Muslim Prof’s Claim That Jesus Wasn’t Crucified

  2. Crucifixion Nails, Other Clues of Jesus’ Life and Times Discovered by Israeli Archaeologists

  3. Is The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ a Historical Fact?

  4. The Great Offense: Was Jesus Really Crucified?

  5. Why Was Jesus Crucified?

  6. A Physician’s View of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

  7. Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

  8. The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ: History, Forms, and Biblical Timeline

  9. What the Bible Tells Us About the Crucifixion of Jesus

  10. Different Forms of Crucifixions

  11. Brief Overview of the History of Crucifixion

  12. Definition of Roman Crucifixion as an Ancient Method of Execution

  13. David Terasaka, M.D. :: Medical Aspects of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

  14. 16 Bible verses about Crucifixion of Christ

  15. The Crucifixion of Jesus – Life, Hope & Truth

  16. Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ 

  17. Who was responsible for Christ’s death? Who killed Jesus?

  18. Evidence for the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ 

  19. The Crucifixion of Christ | Evidence Unseen

  20. The Crucifixion of Jesus and the Jews

  21. The Chronology of Christ’s Crucifixion and Resurrection

  22. CRUCIFIXION OF JESUS: famous paintings 

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Generosity and a Tender Heart for the Needy

2 Apr 2017

  1. 86-year-old raises $400,000 and then gives it away

  2. Johnny Jennings Story on Facebook

  3. What Does the Bible Say About Generosity and Duty to the Poor?

  4.  What Does the Bible Say About Generosity?

  5.  Top 7 Bible Verses About Helping The Poor – Patheos

  6.  The Bible and generous people: God rewards generous giving

  7.  Bible Verses About Generosity- 10 Awesome Scriptures

  8.  30 Important Bible Verses About Giving To The Poor / Needy

  9.  25 Important Bible Verses About Charity – Bible Reasons

  10.  What does the Bible say about giving to the poor? – Got Questions

  11.  Tim Keller: What We Owe the Poor | Christianity Today

  12.  21 Great Bible Verses About Giving (What Does The Bible Say?)

  13.  5. Developing A Giving Heart | Bible.org

  14.  Lesson 5: Giving God’s Way (Selected Scriptures) | Bible.org

  15.  Images for generosity helping the poor Christianity Bible

  16.  Bible stories | Generosity | Kids of Integrity

  17.  Barnabas: A Generous Encourager – Bible Helps, Inc.

  18.  10 Essential Truths about Christian Giving – Bible Study Tools

  19.  Helping Without Hurting: Christian Generosity and Material Poverty

  20.  Scriptures concerning help to the poor. See what God says in the Bible

  21.  The Results of Generous Giving

  22.  100 Bible verses that encourage generosity

  23.  Bible verses on generosity – Christian quotes

  24.  21 Bible Verses about Giving – DailyVerses.net

  25.  Social Concern – Caring for the Poor and Marginalized

  26.  Is It God’s Will for All Christians to Be Wealthy? – The Gospel Coalition

  27.  Caring for the Poor – Kingdom Watcher

  28.  Poverty and Generosity | Grace Communion International

  29.  3 Ways to Develop a Lifestyle of Generosity – Christian Budgeting

  30.  Proverbs 19:17

  31.  Generosity and Service – Love in Action

  32.  What Is Biblical Justice? | RELEVANT Magazine

  33.  How Should Christians Respond to People Taking Advantage of Them?

  34.  Giving, Sharing, Generosity Quotes – Tentmaker

  35.  10 Bible verses about poverty and justice – United Bible Societies

  36.  Gospel to the Nations, Generosity to the Poor | Desiring God

  37.  Who We Are – Generous Giving

  38.  Christian questions on prosperity and poverty

  39.  Paul’s Expectations of Generosity – Baylor University

  40.  Women of the Bible – Dorcas

  41.  What the Bible Says About Poverty – Compassion International

  42.  Getting Free From the Sin of Sodom: Living With Outrageous Generosity

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Honesty and Integrity

26 Mar 2017

  1.  Divine diamonds: Sierra Leone pastor’s 709-carat find

  2.  Pastor finds massive diamond, gives it away

  3.  Pastor Discovers 706-Carat Diamond In Sierra Leone Village

  4.  7 Bible Verses About the Importance of Integrity and Honesty

  5.  Integrity

  6.  Integrity – The Key to Character and the Cure for Inconsistency

  7.  The Character of Integrity – Church Leadership

  8.  Leading with Integrity – Christianity Today

  9.  What does the Bible say about integrity?

  10.  Integrity – A Christian Virtue

  11.  Honesty

  12.  15 Best Bible Verses about Integrity

  13.  25 Top Bible Verses about Honesty

  14.  Truth and Integrity

  15.  Force for Good: Christian Ethics and Integrity

  16.  Why Integrity is Important in the Workplace

  17.  Honesty and Integrity | The Christian Homekeeper™

  18.  Sermon: Honesty: The Complete Virtue – 2 Kings 12

  19.  What the Bible Says About Trust and Honesty

  20.  10 Ways to Be a Man of Integrity

  21.  Men of Integrity

  22.  Short Bible Study on Character: Integrity

  23.  What the Bible Says About… Honesty and Truth

  24.  The Cost of Honesty | Today’s Christian Woman

  25.  Integrity: The Ultimate Virtue

  26.  Integrity Christian Quotes

  27.  Top 6 Bible Verses About Honesty With Commentary

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