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1 October 2017


  1. Nabeel Qureshi’s Wife Thanks God for Giving Her Ability to ‘Compartmentalize’ After Husband’s Death
  2. Former Porn Exec-Turned-Pastor Shares How God Radically Transformed His Life (Exclusive Interview)
  3. Inspiring: How a woman with cancer put assisted suicide advocates to shame
  4. Nabeel Qureshi’s Wife Reflects on God’s Faithfulness Amid Pain: ‘He Will Use This Death to a More Glorious End’ (Video)
  5. Doctors Told Grace Anna’s Mother to Abort Her; Now She Inspires Millions With Her Songs (Exclusive)
  6. Coptic Bishop Tells ISIS Terrorists Who Killed 100 Egyptian Christians They Are ‘Loved by God’
  7. Houston Pastor Plays Piano in Flooded Texas Home (Video)
  8. Lecrae Explains Why He Nearly Left Christianity and Contemplated Suicide (Video)
  9. Halfway through Abortion Woman Changes Her Mind and Baby Miraculously Survives
  10. Dyslexia, My Gift
  11. Canadian Pastor Released from North Korea ‘Prayed Without Ceasing’, Memorized 700 Bible Verses During Imprisonment
  12. Christian Girl Whose Father Died in Her Arms in ISIS Church Attack Says Faith Has Grown Stronger Amid Tragedy
  13. Pastor Brutally Beaten by Extremists in India Asks God to Forgive Persecutors
  14. Pastor in Myanmar Casts Demons Out of  Village Chief’s Son, Bringing Entire Village to Christ
  15. Former Transgender Man Shares How She Transitioned, Then De-Transitioned
  16. He Lived as a Transgender Woman for Over 20 Years Until He Heard God Speak to Him
  17. A Wonderful Story of Deliverance From ‘Gay Christianity’
  18. Furious Husband Refuses to Let Doctors Take His Wife Off Life Support — Multiple Miracles Have Unfolded Since
  19. This Detail About the Human Body Helped Convince Doctor to Abandon Atheism
  20. A million Muslims filled the streets of Karachi to hear this 85-year-old grandmother share the good news about Jesus.
  21. Ex-Gay Activist: ‘I Will Reveal Myself to You,’ Says the Lord
  22. After 50 Years in a Wheelchair, I Still Walk with Jesus
  23. Nabeel Qureshi Shares How God Sent ‘Angels’ to Comfort Him Amid ‘Excruciating Pain’
  24. Forty Years After Shooting Spree, ‘Son of Sam’ an Evangelical Christian, Doesn’t Want to Leave Prison
  25. North Korean Christian on Growing Up in Isolated Country: ‘I was Too Scared to Even Touch the Bible’
  26. Former Porn Star Shares Amazing Way God ‘Rescued’ Her from Adult Film Industry
  27. Nearly Killed by ISIS Cellmates, God Had a Purpose for VOM (Voice of the Martyrs) Worker Imprisoned in Sudan
  28. Pastor and Wife Who Lost Two Sons in Tragic Car Accident Welcome Twins: ‘God Brings Beauty Through Ashes’
  29. Saddleback Church Pastor Kay Warren Writes Heartbreaking Letter to Late Son: ‘Happy Birthday in Heaven’
  30. Porn-Star-Turned-Christian Says Industry Refuses to Allow Her to Move On: ‘They Still Make Money Off of Me’
  31. Terry Gobanga: ‘I was gang-raped on my wedding day’
  32. Manny Pacquiao Says ‘God is Good’ Despite Losing Title to Jeff Horn
  33. Perry Noble Says He Almost Committed Suicide After He Was Fired
  34. Justin Bieber Proclaims, ‘The Devil has No Power When You Know the LIVING God!’
  35. The Zookeeper’s Wife Film Review: True Story of Two Christians Who Saved Lives of Over 300 Jews
  36. Pro-Basketball-Player-Turned-Pastor David Chadwick on How to Be Great In God’s Eyes (Exclusive)
  37. Rock & Roll Legend Carlos Santana Talks about How Christian Faith Saved Him After Seven Suicide Attempts
  38. Jeremy Lin: Exposure to Sex Trafficking in Thailand Showed Him ‘Broken World’ ‘Needs the Gospel Message’
  39. Chinese Christian Lawyer Tortured by Prison Guards: ‘Faith Prevented Me from Committing Suicide’
  40. Heroin-Addicted-Gang-Leader-Turned Pastor Shares How ‘Encounter With God’ Changed His Life (Exclusive)
  41. Francis Chan Goes Into Detail With Facebook Employees on Why He Left His Megachurch
  42. Mark Driscoll Admits He Struggled to See His Sin, Was Filled With ‘Self-Righteousness’
  43. Colombia Plane Crash Survivor Was Reading Psalm 63 When Plane Went Down: ‘For You Have Been My Help’


  1. American Churches Turned into Beer Halls
  2. Las Vegas Shooting: Greg Laurie on Why God Allows Tragedy, How Church Can Minister to Victims
  3. Here’s Why Parents Should Subscribe to Family-Friendly ‘Christian Netflix’, According to Pure Flix Digital CEO (Exclusive)
  4. Church Leaders in Britain ‘Finding New Ways’ to Spread Gospel Amid Increase in Religious ‘Nones’
  5. Why Dying Churches Die
  6. Sin in the Camp: How to Handle Church Discipline
  7. Do Visitors To Your Church Really Feel Welcome?
  8. 4 Questions Pastors Should Ask Their Congregants
  9. Why Are Millennials Leaving Church? Millennials Explain
  10. Ten reasons millennials are backing away from God and Christianity
  11. Millennial & bivocational: church’s intentional DNA


  1. Study Reveals Pornography’s Effect on Marriages
  2. Former NewSpring Church Pastor Perry Noble Says ‘The Best is Yet to Come’ Because ‘God is a God of Second Chances’
  3. Billy Graham’s Grandson Tullian Tchividjian Reflects on Adultery Scandal: ‘I Selfishly Wrecked My Life’
  4. Coptic Christian Family Praising God After 16 Y/O Daughter Abducted by Islamic Extremists Returns Home
  5. EXCLUSIVE: Attorney General Sessions Tells CBN’s ‘Faith Nation’ Christian Cake Bakers Have a ‘Fundamental Right and Ought to be Respected’
  6. Many Atheists Aren’t So Sure: The Doubts of Doubters
  7. Half of Protestants Agree With Catholics That Good Deeds and Faith Are Needed for Salvation: Pew
  8. Why the Rejection of the Nashville Statement on Sexuality Is a Rejection of the Bible
  9. Christian Baker’s Lawyers File Opening Brief With Supreme Court: Tolerance Is a 2-Way Street
  10. UK Retailer John Lewis Removes Boys, Girls Clothing Labels to Fight ‘Gender Stereotypes;’ Faces Backlash
  11. D. James Kennedy Ministries Sues After Being Listed as ‘Hate Group’ Over Opposition to Gay Marriage, Islamic Extremism
  12. Children as Young as 11 Could Start Irreversible Hormone Treatment to Change Gender After Court Ruling
  13. Hurricane Harvey: Billy Graham on Why God Uses Disasters to Bring Us Closer to Himself
  14. Christian Operation Using Balloons to Get Scripture into Hands of North Korean Christians
  15. 10,000 Surrender to Christ at Latest Greg Laurie Crusade
  16. Justin Bieber Takes Hillsong Pastor’s Advice to Cut out Bad Influences
  17. Pastor greeted with cheers, chants at his Mississauga church after over two years in North Korean prison
  18. Freed Canadian pastor recounts hardships of life in North Korean prison
  19. I Don’t Understand Christians Watching Game Of Thrones
  20. Why ‘Game of Thrones’ is Popular—and Dangerous
  21. Nabeel Qureshi Reveals Doctors Removed ‘Entire Stomach’ Due to ‘Bleeding Issues’
  22. Iranian Youths Mass Converting to Christianity
  23. Freed Christian Pastor Describes North Korean Labor Camp Conditions
  24. Christian Singer Aims to ‘Invade’ Lionel Richie, Mariah Carey’s ‘All the Hits Tour’ With God’s Love (Video)
  25. Christian convert Maryam Nagash Zargaran released from prison
  26. Legendary Country Star And Christian, Glen Campbell Has Died At 81, Following A ‘Long And Courageous’ Battle With Alzheimer’s
  27. University President To Students: “This Is Not A Day Care!”
  28. Enemies of Christianity declaring new war on religion
  29. As Artificial Intelligence Grows, So do Perceived Threats to Human Uniqueness
  30. Bible Studies at the White House: Who’s Inside This Spiritual Awakening?
  31. Astronaut Took Communion, Read From Gospel of John on Moon 48 Years Ago
  32. Ray Comfort Releases New Faith-Based Film to Help People Combat Suicidal Thoughts (Video)
  33. Religious men watch more porn than they admit
  34. Amazon’s Alexa Now Helps Christians Connect People with God Through Meditation, Prayer App
  35. Canon: How a Bible card game is helping students learn how Scripture began
  36. Parents, beware of Teen Vogue’s sex advice for your kids
  37. Christian Filmmaker Reveals ‘Devastating’ Truth Linking Pornography, Sex Trafficking (Exclusive)
  38. More People Choosing to be Missionaries in Church of England
  39. Christian Worldview and ‘The View’: Revelation vs. Majority Opinion
  40. Over 100 People Have Killed Themselves in 6 Months Since Passing of California ‘Right to Die’ Law


  1. 6 Ways Following Jesus Helps Us Do Good in the World
  2. Max Lucado: Prayer Can Help You Overcome Your Anxiety
  3. Why Doesn’t God Always Heal? Nabeel and Others Who Die too Young
  4. Are Truth and Love in Conflict? Living as Christians in a Deeply Divided Time
  5. 5 Ways to Cultivate True Humility in Your Life
  6. How to Love People Even When They Annoy You
  7. 3 Reasons All Women Should Join a Bible Study
  8. The Line between Pride and Confidence
  9. Jennifer Rothschild: 3 Ways to Replace Lies the Devil Tells Us About Ourselves With Biblical Truth (Interview)
  10. Turns out Money Can Buy Happiness?
  11. 6 Ways Parents Can Teach Children Scripture
  12. FIRST-PERSON: Christians & self-esteem
  13. How the least perfect people are sometimes the most important for God’s plan
  14. Jennifer Rothschild: 3 Ways to Replace Lies the Devil Tells Us About Ourselves With Biblical Truth (Interview)
  15. Here’s Why a Healthy Sex Life is a ‘Weapon Against Satan’ According to John Piper
  16. The #1 Lie Your Kids are Learning from the World
  17. How to Speak about the Afterlife to People Who Don’t Care
  18. Attending Church is Good for Your Health. Now What?
  19. Embracing Courtesy: Recognizing the Imago Dei
  20. Is God Calling You to Slow Down? Here are 3 Things to Help
  21. 4 Surprising Truths about Rest in the Bible
  22. How Believing Conspiracy Theories Could be Harming Your Faith
  23. Are Christians Too Obsessed with Finding their Calling?


  1. Canada reports nearly 2,000 assisted suicide deaths in first year of legalization
  2. A Killer Bonus: Canada Weighs Paying Docs Extra for Assisted Suicide
  3. 80 percent of New Zealanders are against legalizing assisted suicide
  4. 9-Year-Old Girl Pleads with Woman Not to Get Abortion in Viral Video
  5. ‘It Left Deep Scars’: Men Share How Abortion Affects Them
  6. Fatherlessness Shows Up in Children’s DNA, Affects Lifespan: Study
  7. University of Chicago Professor: Infanticide Is Morally Acceptable
  8. Why Christians Need to Care about Charlie Gard
  9. Charlie Gard’s Death Sentence: The Consequences of Usurping Parental Rights
  10. Life is Worth Fighting For
  11. 9 Things You Should Know about the Charlie Gard Treatment Controversy


  1. Samaritan’s Purse Comes to the Aid of Hurricane Maria Victims
  2. Samaritan’s Purse Mobilizes 2,100 Volunteers to Help Texas Homeowners Impacted by Harvey
  3. Loneliness in older people is a scandal. Here’s what one church is doing about it
  4. Chick-fil-A Helps Elderly Couple Trapped in Houston Home; They Ordered Burritos and Rescue Boat (Video)
  5. Mike Pence Joins Franklin Graham’s Texas Relief Work; Drone Video Shows Incredible Harvey Devastation
  6. Christian Couple Leaves $1,200 Tip on $20 Bill Along With Powerful Bible Verse for Struggling Waitress
  7. Hurricane Harvey: Woodlands Church, Houston’s First Baptist Church Open Doors to Those Affected by Flooding
  8. Refugee Who Lost Everything Puts Faith in Christ and Finds New Hope
  9. ‘This is the Side of Police Work You Don’t See’: Officer Gently Cleans a Homeless Woman’s Feet
  10. ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus’: WATCH Fishing Boat Captain Save Crewman from Certain Death
  11. New refugees welcomed by churches poised to help
  12. Christian Clinic Saving Children’s Lives in Niger Despite Efforts by Muslim Animists to Frighten Parents Away
  13. Former Pastor Helping Over 700 Cambodia Sex Trafficking Victims, 13-Y-O Girls Sold by Mothers for Rape
  14. How – and why – Christians are helping some of the poorest and most distressed
  15. Massive Church Opens in Kurdistan Giving Christian Refugees Welcoming Place to Worship
  16. Churches Provide Aid after Devastating London Tower Fire


  1. Israel On Edge: Russia Builds Military Base In Southern Syria Near Israel’s Border
  2. Should Jews Trust Christians? You May Be Surprised by the Definitive Torah Answer
  3. Netanyahu tells Christian evangelicals they are Israel’s best friends in the world
  4. Middle East is ‘going backwards’ and Syria will get worse, warns head of SAT-7
  5. Mike Pence says God had a hand in creating State of Israel, pledges to move embassy to Jerusalem
  6. Temple Mount terror attack meant to spark religious war


  1. U.S. to Fund Restoration of Israel’s Ancient Solomon Pools
  2. Confirmation of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Points to a “Beginner”
  3. Israelite Refugees Found High Office in Kingdom of Judah, Seals Found in Jerusalem 
  4. Archaeology Discovery: Mug Workshop Found Near Where Jesus Turned Water Into Wine
  5. Roman city that was home to Jesus’s apostles found in Israel, archaeologists say
  6. Missing the Canaanites in Plain Sight: The Media Need to Read Their Bibles!
  7. Scholar Confirms: These 53 Biblical Figures Really Existed and History Proves It
  8. Archaeologists Find More Evidence of Babylonian Destruction of Jerusalem
  9. Archaeologists’ discovery supports Bible’s Gezer account
  10. Digging up Biblical History: Gath, Gaza, and Goliath
  11. Archaeologists Discover Solomon-era Linens
  12. History’s ‘oldest smile’ found on 4,000-year-old pot in Turkey
  13. Ancient Egyptian Records Indicate Philistines Weren’t Aegean Pirates After All
  14. Proof of Biblical Naboth’s Vineyard Discovered in Jezreel Valley [PHOTOS]
  15. With Bibles and shovels, a search for the biblical tabernacle gathers pace at Shiloh
  16. How this Jerusalem tattoo parlour is continuing a pilgrimage tradition since 1300
  17. Why Roman concrete still stands strong while modern version decays
  18. Archaeologists find evidence of plant dyes for clothing dating to Solomon
  19. Support for ‘Young-Earth Creationist’ View of Origin of Humans at All-Time Low: Poll
  20. DNA Analysis of Egyptian Mummies Supports Biblical Story of Noah’s Descendants
  21. A Biblical Case for Defending Religious Freedom: Paul in Acts

LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender)

  1. Pro-life Group Forced to Leave Seattle Coffeeshop by Gay Owner
  2. California law jails nursing home employees who ‘mis-gender’ residents
  3. Hillsong’s Brian Houston on Australia Same-Sex Marriage Vote: ‘God’s Word is Clear that Marriage is Between a Man and a Woman’
  4. Former Lesbian Explains Why She Signed the Nashville Statement
  5. Transgender Identity: Let’s Look at the Science
  6. Transgender Identity: Let’s Look at the Bible
  7. Transgender Kids Camp Welcomes Kids as Young as Preschool Age
  8. Airline botches pro-gay ad, proves marriage is only between man and woman
  9. Former Lesbian Jackie Hill-Perry Shares How the Holy Spirit Took Ahold of Her Heart
  10. 5 Things Every Christian Needs to Know about the Transgender Debate
  11. Pastor and Wife Allowed Transgender Child to Transition at Age 2: ‘It’s Who God Created Her to Be’
  12. Retired generals, admirals thank Trump for announcing ban on transgender troops
  13. Transgender Military Ban: Christian Leaders Applaud Donald Trump’s ‘Courageous Decision’
  14. Former Lesbian Finds New Identity—in Christ
  15. Christian Leaders, Please Speak the Truth about Homosexuality Plainly and with Love
  16. Ken Ham: The Ark Encounter Will be Permanently Lit with Rainbow Lights to ‘Take Back’ Symbol from LGBT Community
  17. Redefining ‘Transgenderism’ as Normal Behavior
  18. Yes, Gay Activists Want to Punish Christian Conservatives
  19. Al Mohler on Eugene Peterson: 3 Things Every Christian Should Take Away from Same-Sex Marriage Ordeal
  20. John MacArthur Under Fire After Saying ‘No One is Gay’, Calling Homosexuality ‘Vicious Sin’
  21. Waving the Rainbow Flag on the Field of Play: Christian Athletes under Pressure
  22. Popular Author Says He Would Perform a Same-Sex Wedding
  23. Top Pediatrician Says Pushing Transgender Ideology on Kids Is ‘Child Abuse’
  24. Pastor John MacArthur Answers: Is It Sinful to Provide Services for a Gay Wedding?
  25. Germany approves same-sex marriage in historic bill opposed by Christian chancellor Angela Merkel
  26. Christian Baker Tells ‘The View’ Jesus Wouldn’t Make Wedding Cake for Same-Sex Marriage
  27. More Evangelicals support for same-sex marriage rises – but majority still oppose
  28. Facebook rejects call for a ‘crucifix’ emoji from Christian protesting LGBTQ Pride flag
  29. Canadian Baby Issued Gender-Free Health Card; Franklin Graham Calls It ‘Nonsense’
  30. Canadian Baby is First Child Not to be Assigned a Gender at Birth
  31. Sweden: Pastors Told They Cannot Refuse to Marry Same-Sex Couples
  32. Womb Transplants for Gay, Transgender and Straight Men Who Want to Carry a Child?


  1. Trump Evangelical Advisor Johnnie Moore Shares ‘Miraculous Stories’ of Persecuted Christians (Exclusive Interview)
  2. Pastor to official Chinese church: ‘I believe in Jesus Christ. I don’t believe in you.’
  3. Indian Pastor Beaten by Extremists While Praying Vows to Continue Sharing Gospel: ‘My Lord is Ever Victorious’
  4. Christian Pastor Imprisoned in Nigeria Shares Gospel With Cellmates, Converting Them
  5. Extremists Hack Christians to Death With Machetes After They Refuse to recite the Shahada
  6. Christian Democracy Activist Tortured With Cross-Shaped Staples in Hong Kong
  7. Russia’s Crackdown on Evangelism Leads to Prosecution of Mostly Christians 1 Year After ‘Anti-Missionary’ Law
  8. Christian Actress Thought She Could Make a Home in Sweden, Now She Faces Deportation and Persecution
  9. China Shuts Down Sunday Schools, Vacation Bible Schools for Children
  10. Police in India Arrest Six Christians, Call Worship ‘Unlawful Assembly’
  11. China’s Communist Party Members Told They Must Abandon Religious Beliefs for Marxist Atheism
  12. Iran Cracks Down on Christian Converts, Sentences Believers to 10-Years in Prison
  13. 16-year-old Christian boy is the latest victim of Pakistan’s blasphemy law
  14. Survivor of ISIS massacre says Christians were told to renounce their faith but women refused
  15. Chinese Government: Give Up Your Faith, Or Else
  16. UK Preachers Convicted of Saying ‘Jesus Only Way to God’ Win Appeal, Hail Victory for Christians
  17. Christian Girl Abducted by ISIS Reunited with Parents after 3 Years
  18. Christian Pastor Being Horrifically Tortured in China Is an ‘Utterly Grievous Injustice,’ Group Says
  19. Philippines: Christians Face Torture, Enslavement from ISIS-Affiliated Terrorist Group
  20. Russell Moore, Franklin Graham Orgs. Urge Trump to Tackle Severe Persecution of Sudanese Christians
  21. Sweden: Christian School Students Banned from Praying over Meals
  22. ISIS Wives Jealous of Sex Slaves; Husbands Buy Virgins for $10K on Apps, Rape 9-Y-O Girls
  23. Turkey’s President Seizes Control of 50 More Churches
  24. Christians Taking Children to Camp in India Charged with Kidnapping, Forced Conversion

ROME: The Rise and Fall of an Empire (BBC Documentary)

  1. Episode 1: The First Barbarian War
  2. Empire – Episode 2: Spartacus
  3. Episode 3: Julius Caesar
  4. Episode 4: The Forest of Death
  5. Episode 5: The Invasion of Britain
  6. Episode 6: Dacian Wars
  7. Episode 7: Rebellion and Betrayal
  8. Episode 8: Wrath of the Gods
  9. Episode 9: The Soldier’s Emperor
  10. Episode 10: Constantine the Great
  11. Episode 11: The Barbarian General
  12. Episode 12: The Puppet Master
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