Jakarta’s Christian Governor Jailed for Blasphemy

14 May 2017

  1.  Jakarta’s Christian Governor Ahok jailed for two years for blasphemy

  2.  Shock decision to jail Ahok continues to divide Indonesia

  3.  Ahok: Indonesia’s religious tolerance on trial?

  4.  Decision to jail Ahok politically driven: Lawyer

  5.  Ahok jailing a victory for Muslim extremists in Indonesia

  6.  International rights groups express concerns following Ahok verdict

  7.  Lawyers: Court Verdict for Ahok Was Based on Fear

  8.  Ahok did not defame Islam: Harvard alumni petition

  9.  Ahok verdict: Mob politics brings down Jakarta’s Christian governor

  10.  Support pours in for Ahok after verdict

  11.  ASEAN lawmakers alarmed at conviction of Ahok

  12.  Questions raised over court’s harsh sentence for Jakarta governor Ahok  over blasphemy conviction

  13.  Supporters rally for Ahok; he says ‘fight not over yet’

  14.  Parties supporting Ahok call on public to respect court ruling

  15.  Protests in Jakarta after Christian governor convicted of blasphemy

  16.  Christian Governor in Indonesia Found Guilty of Blasphemy Against Islam

  17. Post-blasphemy ruling, Indonesia’s reputation for pluralism takes a hit

  18. Indonesia: Ahok conviction for blasphemy is an injustice

  19. Ahok’s verdict prompts fresh calls for review of “draconian” Blasphemy law

  20. EDITORIAL: Injustice for Ahok

  21. ‘I’ll replace Ahok in prison’: Djarot

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