Christians and the Environment

30 Apr 2017

  1. Earth Day

  2. Christians and the Environment – Geneva College

  3. A Biblical Perspective on Environmental Stewardship

  4. Christians and the Environment: How Should Christians Think about the Environment?

  5. A Burning Issue: Christian care for the environment by Robert White

  6. Loving the Environment Is a Christian Responsibility – Christianity Today

  7. Christian Environmentalism – Raymond G. Bohlin Ph.D.

  8. Operation Noah | A Christian response to climate change

  9. The Bible doesn’t talk about climate change, right?

  10. Should Christians Work to Protect the Environment? Billy Graham’s Answer

  11. Global Weirding with Katharine Hayhoe

  12. A Rocha – a Christian nature conservation organization

  13. Why Conservation Is a Gospel Issue

  14. Why Christians Should Love Creation, not ‘Nature’

  15. Stephen Fitch: The Good News Regarding the Environment – Biola University Chapel

  16. How should we steward the environment?  Biola University

  17. How can we be better stewards of the environment?  Biola University

  18. What viewpoints are out there?  Biola University

  19. Do we have a responsibility to the environment?  Biola University

  20. Do Christians care about the environment?  Biola University

  21. Do Christians Need to Care About the Environment?  Pastor Scott Creps

  22. How Should Christians Care for the Environment?  Duke University – Kyle Van Houtan

  23. Why Christians Should Care for Creation – Dr Calvin B. DeWitt

  24. Christians and the Environment:  Dr. Howard Snyder

  25. Why should Christians care for the environment? Professor Bob White

  26. Does the World Matter to God? Why Should it Matter to Us? Professor John Lennox and Professor Mark Boslough

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