Beauty and the Beast

19 Mar 2017

  1. A NCCS Advisory on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, 14 March 2017

  2.  Gay Man Blasts Disney for Caring More About LGBT Agenda Than Children’s Innocence

  3. Disney Teaching Children to Embrace LGBT Sexual Lifestyles Has ‘Grave Consequences’: AFA

  4. Beauty and the Brainwashing: Disney’s ‘gay’ agenda

  5.  Christian-Owned Movie Theater Receives ‘Burn Down’ Threats Amid ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Ban Over ‘Gay Moment’

  6.  Christian Leaders Urge Parents to Boycott ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Over Inclusion of ‘Gay Moment’

  7. Russia bans children from seeing Beauty and the Beast

  8. Disney yanks Beauty and the Beast out of Malaysia after censors cut gay scene

  9.  Disney shows gay kiss in a children’s cartoon for first time

  10.  Gay activists lobby Disney to make Elsa a lesbian in Frozen 2

  11.  Disney appeals Malaysia cuts to ‘Beauty and the Beast’

  12. Disney And Emma Watson Have Trivialized ‘Beauty And The Beast’

  13.  Hong Kong school tells parents to stop their children watching new Disney film over gay scenes

  14.  Media: Romania’s Coalition for Family suggests banning Beauty and the Beast from local cinemas

  15.  Rev. Franklin Graham’s Comments on LGBT agenda in Beauty and the Beast

  16.  SIGN THE BOYCOTT: Tell Disney ‘NO’ to LGBT agenda in Beauty and the Beast

  17.  ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Gay Moment Is Ostracizing 95 Percent of Faith Driven Consumers, Group Says

  18.  Russia Might Ban ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Over ‘Gay Propaganda, Sin and Perverted Sexual Relations’

  19.  Franklin Graham Lauds Ala. Theater for Canceling ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Over ‘Gay Moment’

  20.  Christian-Owned Movie Theater Refuses to Show ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Over Gay Propaganda

  21.  Was Franklin Graham Right to Call for a Disney Boycott?

  22.  The Beastly Beauty of Disney’s ‘Gay Moment’ — And How We Should Respond

  23.  Let’s Be Honest: Disney Has Been Sexualizing Characters for a Long Time

  24.  The Internet Reacts After Mom Cancels Disney Trip Over Gay Character

  25.  Christianity, Disney and A Better Way Forward

  26.  Yes, let’s remember who’s watching this conversation

  27. D.A. Carson warns against affirming gay marriage as a “Christian” view

  28. Brandon and Jen Hatmaker ‘100 Percent Wrong’ to Say Bible Supports Gay Marriage, Says Michael Brown

  29.  The Naked Hypocrisy of a Christian Disney Boycott

  30. ‘Beast’ Actors Mock Christians, Joking About ‘Gay Sex’ and ‘What Would Jesus Think?’

  31.  ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Actor Josh Gad Says ‘Gay Moment’ Backlash Based on ‘Fear’

  32.  Emma Watson Says ‘Gay Moment’ in Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Is ‘Fun’

  33.  ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Boycott: Are Christians Being Hypocritical?

  34.  Christian Men Struggling With Homosexuality Find Refuge in ‘Your Other Brothers’ Storytelling Project

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