Christianity, Patriotism and Pacifism

19 Feb 2017


  1. Japanese envoy joins officials at ceremony marking Fall of Singapore in ceremony

  2. ‘Bitter but valuable lessons’ for Singapore from Japanese Occupation: Ng Eng Hen

  3. Recruits presented with rifles at site of British surrender

  4. Singapore cannot bury the past, says PM Lee

  5. NHB marks 75th anniversary of fall of S’pore with walking tours

  6. Allied nations jointly mark 75th anniversary of the fall of Singapore

  7. 75 years since Singapore fell: ‘I hope killing of people in war doesn’t happen again’

  8. Fall of Singapore: Veterans and POW commemorated on 75th anniversary

  9. Fall of Singapore was ‘great blow’: Australian WWII veterans

  10. 75 years after Singapore’s fall, we must think seriously about the region again

  11. Lessons for today from the fall of Singapore

  12. After the fall of Singapore: Horror and, today, peace

  13. Fall of Singapore at 75: POW’s art brought light to a dark wartime world

  14. The Fall of Singapore: ’75 years on, I’m still looking for answers’

  15. Fall of Singapore: Thousands pay their respects at prisoner of war memorial in Victoria

  16. Fall of Singapore leads to tiny Victorian town hosting top secret WWII Catalina base

  17. Fall of Singapore at 75: Garden of the Grieving Mother memorial to be unveiled in Ballarat

  18. Bell of remembrance rung at Kranji War Cemetery to mark 75th anniversary of the fall of Singapore

  19. Fall of Singapore at 75: POW’s art brought light to a dark wartime world

  20. The fall of Singapore

  21. Opinion: Remembering the fall of Singapore 75 years on

  22. 50th War Memorial Service commemorates those who died during Japanese Occupation


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