12 Feb 2017


  1. An increasing number of people are sleeping on the streets of Singapore

  2.  Six things you did not know about the homeless in Singapore

  3.  More than 900 displaced individuals, families identified between 2013-2015

  4.  The Homeless Hearts of Singapore

  5.  176 homeless people received shelter, support from Government in 2016

  6.  A fresh look at homelessness

  7.   Where the displaced seek refuge

  8.  Charity transforms office into daytime hang-out

  9.  Seeking safety, convenience at busy hubs such as airport

  10.  Beach community finds a voice in ‘town halls’

  11.  Sticking with solitary spots at stairways, riverside

  12.  No bed to lay his head, for 17 years



  1.  What Should The Church To Do About Homelessness?

  2.  Homelessness | Topics | Christianity Today

  3.  Out of Drugs and Homelessness to Christ 

  4.  Helping the Homeless – All About God

  5.  Housing & Homelessness 

  6.  Responding to Homelessness 

  7.  Homelessness – Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

  8.  Churches ‘Essential’ to Fighting Child Homelessness, Expert Says

  9.  Do Churches Help the Homeless? 

  10.  Homelessness – The Church of Scotland

  11.  Ending Homelessness

  12.  The Practice of Grace and Truth with Homeless People

  13.  Community: MAD for Homelessness | Riverside Christian Church

  14.  Homelessness – London Churches Social Action

  15.  Homelessness: A Christian Response? 

  16.  lifeissues.net | Christians and the Homeless

  17.  What Does the Bible Say About Homelessness?

  18.  What Does the Bible Say About Helping The Homeless?

  19.  What Does The Bible Have To Say About Homelessness?

  20.  How Utah churches help the homeless

  21.  Mission, center plan event to show what it is like to be homeless

  22.  At Fall River’s homeless shelters, strict rules mix with tenderness

  23.  Allegan County reaches out to count the homeless

  24.  New St. Paul shelter offer paths out of homelessness

  25.  Ministry offers a haven for the homeless

  26.  Camp Haven gala shows homelessness can be overcome

  27.  Community Plays a Key Role in Reducing Homelessness

  28.  Program works to break cycle of foster care

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