Humility: Pastor & Congregation

5 Feb 2017

  1. Clergy who are humble, accessible may boost their own health as well as the congregation’s

  2. Is your congregation a clergy killer? How churchgoers matter to mental health of pastors

  3. 7 Tips to Finding Humility… and Keeping It

  4. Greatness, Humility, Servanthood

  5. Concerns of a True Pastor:Humility and Selflessness 

  6. The Place of Humility in a Pastor’s Heart

  7. 3 Ways To Create A Culture of Humility in Your Church

  8. Christian Humility

  9. Pride and Humility 

  10. 4 Reasons to Pursue Humility 

  11. What Is Humility?

  12. The Fragrance of Humility in Prayer

  13. Humility

  14. Benefits of Humility

  15. What does the Bible say about humility?

  16. 3 Things Christians Get Wrong about Humility

  17. Lesson 78: True Humility (Romans 12:3)

  18. Humility and Pride

  19. Humility in Daily Life

  20. Christian Humility 

  21. Humility and the Christian Leader

  22. The Meaning of Humility in the Bible 

  23. Christian humility | false humility | Jesus Christ showed true humility

  24. Seeking Christian Humility – Placing God First

  25. Christian Humility As Evidence Of A True Believer 

  26. The Church’s Responsibility to Its Pastor 

  27. Support and Care for the Pastor: A Critical Role of the Church Board 

  28. Building Trust Between Pastor and Congregation

  29. 10 Ways to Support Your Congregation’s Pastor

  30. What is the church’s responsibility in caring for a pastor?

  31. 50 Ways to Support Your Pastor’s Well-Being

  32. How to Care for Your Pastor

  33. Ministering to the Minister: Offering Effective Pastoral Support

  34. Support Your Pastor – Focus on the Family Canada

  35. Thanking Your Congregation

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