International Abortion Fund

29 Jan 2017

  1. Netherlands government to counter Trump abortion funding ban

  2.  Abortion Statistics – Worldometers

  3.  Induced Abortion Worldwide | Guttmacher Institute

  4.  Abortion around the world: Where are rates highest?

  5.  What Should be the Christian Attitude Towards Abortion?

  6. Woman behind Roe v. Wade: Helping legalize abortion was ‘the biggest mistake of my life’

  7.  Rachel’s Vineyard, Singapore

  8.  Abortion – Singapore Christian

  9.  Singapore and Abortion

  10.  Former wild child finds faith and new purpose

  11.  Why I stopped doing Abortions: Interview with a Singaporean Doctor

  12.  Followers frown on premarital sex and abortion

  13.  Ministering to Women with Post-Abortion Trauma

  14.  After The Abortion | Project Rachel

  15.  I Had an Abortion | Today’s Christian Woman

  16.  The Secret Shame of Abortion in the Church 

  17.  Lifecall – Advice And Counsel For Women Who Have Had An Abortion

  18.  Are you a Christian woman who has had an abortion?

  19.  Women about Abortion Testimonials 

  20.  How can I experience healing and recovery after an abortion?

  21.  Abortion Stories 

  22.  Caring For Women Who Have Had Abortions 

  23.  The Aftermath: How To Comfort a Woman Who Has Had an Abortion

  24.  Abortion – How you can find hope, help and healing after abortion

  25.  70 Percent of Women Who Have Had Abortions Call Themselves Christian

  26.  In Her Shoes: A Christian Woman Who’s Had an Abortion

  27.  Healing the Guilt and Pain of Abortion

  28.  Stories of Abortion – Christian Answers

  29.  ‘Life is winning’: Pence fired up March for Life crowd

  30. Eric Metaxas blasts media at March for Life: ‘You want to see the women of America? Here they are.’

  31. Post Abortion Healing and Help, Post Abortion Stress Syndrome Support

  32.  The Morning After… Why Would A Christian Have An Abortion?

  33.  ‘Many women in Church have had an abortion but it’s the last place they can talk about it’

  34.  Alternatives To Abortion 

  35. Planned Parenthood

  36.  10 Reasons Planned Parenthood Should Be Permanently Defunded

  37.  What the Gospel Teaches Us about Planned Parenthood

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