US Embassy Move to Jerusalem

15 Jan 2017

  1. Congress Urges Trump to Move US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

  2. Jerusalem Embassy Move Would Have ‘Catastrophic’ Consequences, Warns Jordan

  3. Should Christians Support Moving the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem?

  4. Christian Leaders Descend on Nation’s Capital to Take a Stand for Israel

  5. Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem: ‘World War III’ or a Simple Reality Check?

  6. Palestine To Revoke Recognition Of Israel If US Moves Embassy To Jerusalem

  7. Hidden Dangers of Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem – Newsweek

  8. Trump’s New Israel Ambassador Looks Forward to Serving From “Israel’s Eternal Capital, Jerusalem”

  9. A look at the stakes if US moves Israel embassy to Jerusalem

  10. PLO to reconsider State of Israel recognition if Donald Trump moves US embassy to Jerusalem

  11. Palestinians call for Muslims to pray that Trump doesn’t move US Embassy to Jerusalem

  12. US ambassador to Israel could ‘live and work in Jerusalem’ while embassy remains in Tel Aviv, US official says

  13. PLO to Revoke Recognition of Israel if Trump Moves US Embassy to Jerusalem

  14. Trump pushes for US Embassy move to Jerusalem amid opposition

  15. Republicans call for ‘swift’ embassy move by Trump

  16. CNN: Trump Still Onboard Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem

  17. Palestinian Muslim leaders warn against US embassy move

  18. Jordanian official: Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem would be ‘catastrophic’

  19. European allies warn against Jerusalem embassy move

  20. Capital Offense

  21. Palestinians seek weekend prayers to protest US Embassy move

  22. The Embassy Relocation Issue Heats Up

  23. Palestinian leader Abbas wrote to Trump to oppose Jerusalem embassy move

  24. Ignoring global outcry, Trump team readies Jerusalem embassy plan

  25. ‘Israel’s retaliatory action won’t ensure peace’

  26. A necessary, natural move

  27. Obama pushes Israel to give up Judean and Samarian communities

  28. Obama says Israeli settlements making two-state solution impossible

  29. Trump is going to be the breath of fresh air we all need

  30. Pro-Israel Group Set to Lobby Lawmakers on U.N. Resolution

  31. Hotovely: Paris conference will distance peace

  32. CUFI Storms Washington to Push Pro-Israel Legislation and Strengthen Trump Ties

  33. Fifty percent of Israelis believe annexing West Bank would be ‘a disaster’

  34. Israeli Foolishness is Making Terror Attacks Possible

  35. Palestinian state will not lead to Middle East peace

  36. Israelis believe Trump will be favorable to Israel

  37. Pro-Israel community looks to incoming administration’s Mideast policy with hope

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