Giving Week

4 Dec 2016










  1. If they didn’t have their voices or personality, what would our Giving Week Ambassadors do?

  2. Giving Week gets 24% more donations in its latest collection

  3. #Giving Week


  5. Giving To The Poor And Needy

  6. The Right Way to Think About Giving to the Poor

  7. What does the Bible say about giving to the poor?

  8. GIVING TO THE POOR Is Fundamental to Spiritual Growth

  9. 11 Objections on Giving to the Poor Answered by Jonathan Edwards

  10. Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes when Giving

  11. 5 People in the Bible Who Gave Thanks with All Their Heart

  12. 10 Essential Truths about Christian Giving

  13. Is It Robbing God to Tithe on Your After-Tax (Not Gross) Income?

  14. The Scary Truth About Christian Giving

  15. Why is giving so emphasized in the Christian faith?

  16. Three Key Principles of Godly Giving

  17. Christian Giving

  18. A study of Christian giving emphasizing that the indwelling Spirit of Christ is the Divine Giver within the Christian

  19. What the Bible Says About Tithing and Christian Giving

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