US Presidential Elections 2016

30 Oct 2016

  1. US Election & the World

  2.  Singapore’s Lee Hsien Loong on the U.S. Election, Free Trade and Why Government Isn’t a Startup

  3. Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong on America’s Declining Influence in Asia

  4. How the U.S. Election Has Derailed Obama’s ‘Pivot’ to Asia

  5. How Will the New President Affect the US’ Relations With Asia?

  6. Amid worries of declining US influence, a bright silver lining

  7. How Trump and Clinton Will Affect Our Pocket

  8. America’s elections — or the world’s?

  9. Why Other Countries Should Vote On The U.S. Election

  10. Why the election of Hillary Clinton promises a more dangerous world

  11. Presidential Election 2016 (Christian Post)

  12. Elections (Christianity Today)

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