“Terror threat levels higher than what we’ve seen for years”

20 Oct 2016

  1. Terror threat levels higher than what we’ve seen for years: DPM Teo

  2. (VIDEO) Is Singapore at risk of being the next target? Interview with DPM Teo Chee Hean

  3. Why Are Malaysia, Singapore Nervous As Iraq Looks To Retake Mosul From Islamic State?

  4. Overseas Money Is ‘Financing Terrorism in Southeast Asia’

  5. ISIS is targeting Southeast Asia amid declining Mideast support: Terror expert

  6. (VIDEO) What makes a person become a terrorist?

  7. Terrorists channeling funds into South-east Asia, says risk study

  8. Spymaster opens up on agency overhaul and Southeast Asia

  9. Simulated attacks at multiple locations test Singapore’s counter-terrorism response

  10. Islandwide anti-terror exercise: Officers rescue hostages in cinema and malls

  11. Police, SAF hold Singapore’s largest anti-terror exercise to date

  12. KL ramps up security at borders

  13. 137 detained so far in Malaysia over links to Islamic State

  14. ASEAN’s Islamic State Conundrum

  15. The recapture of Mosul will not mean the end of ‘IS’

  16. If ISIS Loses Mosul, What Then?

  17. After Losses in Syria and Iraq, ISIS Moves the Goal Posts

  18. The Age of the Lone Wolf is Far From Over

  19. Two-And-A-Half Years After ISIS’s Rise: Global Jihad Spreads And Morphs – Analysis

  20. Kerry: Islamic State will remain dangerous after Mosul, Raqqa fall

  21. The alarming truth about today’s terror threat: Former NYPD official says America is in greater danger than any time since 9/11

  22. Why Beating ISIS in Mosul Won’t End the Threat of Attack

  23. The Hard Truth About ISIL And Terrorism

  24. A fast-spreading disease: New heat map shows ISIS has become a truly global terror group, with outposts as far as Mali and the Philippines

  25. Capture of Mosul could cause terror surge in Europe, top official warns

  26. Trio of Experts Warn House Panel of Expansion of Radical Islamic Terrorism

  27. What Happens After ISIS Falls?

  28. America’s lone-wolf terrorists are unpredictable in almost every regard—except one

  29. Is Terrorism Getting Worse?

  30. Saudi Arabia and terrorism today

  31. How the siege of Mosul could help Trump

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