Zika Virus

9 Sep 2016

Mosquito sucking blood on a human hand


  2. Zika Virus – Ministry of Communications and Information (Singapore)

  3. All you need to know about the Zika virus and the threat it poses

  4. What’s Special about the Zika Virus in Singapore?

  5. Zika virus in two Singapore cases not from South America, scientists say

  6. Zika Just the Latest Pathogen to Emerge

  7. Zika Doubled Birth Defect Rate in Brazil, Study Shows

  8. WHO calls Zika virus ‘most likely explanation’ for brain abnormalities

  9. Researchers detect Zika virus in tears

  10. Zika virus patients could be spreading the disease through their tears, scientists say

  11. Zika virus: WHO urges safer sex or abstinence for 6 months after visits to affected countries

  12. What couples need to know about Zika

  13. Mosquitoes can spread Zika to their eggs: study

  14. Symptomless man linked to sexual transmission of Zika for the first time

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