Born Gay or Transgender?

25 Aug 2016

  1. No Scientific Evidence That People Are Born Gay or Transgender, Johns Hopkins Researchers Say

  2. ‘No Scientific Basis’ for Children to Think They Are Transgender, Born in Wrong Body, Pediatricians Say

  3. Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: ‘There Is No Gay Gene’

  4. Are Homosexual People Really “Born Gay”?

  5. Science Does Not Support the Claim That Homosexuality Is Genetic

  6. Why the Queen believed gay marriage shouldn’t be allowed: Her Majesty confided that because of her Christian faith she thought only a man and a woman should be able to marry

  7. Reaching Out with Compassion – FamilyLife

  8. 6 Misconceptions about Homosexuality

  9. 9 Ways to Reach Out to a Gay-Identified Friend

  10. How Do I Help My Gay Friend?

  11. Reaching Out to Gays

  12. Don’t Avoid Your Gay Neighbors — Reach Out!

  13. Ex-Lesbian Christian Proposes ‘Radical Way of Reaching Out’ to LGBTs

  14. 5 Things Jesus Says to the Gay Community

  15. Homosexuality: Know the Truth and Speak it with … – Stand to Reason

  16. Letter to Dr. Dobson from a Gay Man

  17. How can Christians reach out to homosexuals, accepting them without condoning their sin?

  18. The Gospel for a Gay Friend

  19. What Does the Bible Say About Trans-Gender Identity?

  20. “What is a Biblical View of Transgendered People and Hermaphrodites?”

  21. Does the Bible say anything about transsexualism / transgenderism? Is gender dysphoria / gender identity disorder the result of sin?

  22. Counsel for Those Considering Transgender

  23. What Does the Bible Say about Gender & Transgender Issues?

  24. Transgender Identity—Wishing Away God’s Design

  25. This is What the Bible Really Says About “Transgender” 

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