ISIS attack close to home

7 July 2016

  1. Malaysian police confirm nightclub blast first successful attack by ISIS on Malaysian soil
  2. Prepare for the inevitable: Terror at home
  3. ISIS’ growing presence in Southeast Asia must be crushed before it’s too late
  4. ISIS in the Pacific: Assessing terrorism in Southeast Asia and the threat to the homeland
  5. Escalating ISIS threat in Southeast Asia: Is the Philippines a weak link?
  6. From The Straits Times Archives: ISIS threat to South-east Asia
  7. New ISIS threats: Scenarios for South-east Asia
  8. To defeat ISIS’s widening reach: think global, act local
  9. Jakarta urged to pass anti-terror Bill revisions
  10. Islamic State Extends Reach as It Suffers Defeats
  11. U.S. Negligence Is Feeding ISIS’ Global Appeal
  13. IS shifting to Southeast Asia as Middle East base shrinks, Singapore security expert warns –
  14. Hishammuddin: IS unlike any other terror groups we’ve faced
  15. Expert: Blasts are just the beginning of IS attacks in South-East Asia
  16. Islamic State Is Rapidly Expanding in Southeast Asia
  17. ISIS in Southeast Asia: Internalized Wahhabism is a Major
  18. ISIS announces Asia pivot in propaganda video targeting Malaysia, Philippines
  19. Chilling ISIS videos precede first strike on Malaysia
  20. ISIS opens new global terror front after battlefield losses
  21. ISIS’ reach growing even as its territory shrinks
  22. Why Malaysia, Known For Moderate Islam, Should Expect More ISIS Attacks
  23. ISIS videos declare war on Malaysia and Indonesia
  24. Malaysia: Concerns over extent of Isis infiltration of police force after 2 officers arrested
  25. Malaysian police say more ISIS-linked suspects arrested
  26. New Details on ISIS-Linked Militants Suspected in Malaysia Blast
  27. KL terminal, Najib’s residence on high alert following ISIS attack
  28. The Wave of ISIS Terror Attacks Is a Mark of Weakness—Not Strength
  29. Why so-called Islamic State chooses to bomb during Ramadan
  30. Analysis: Month of Terror During Ramadan Shows ISIS’s New Phase
  31. How ISIS Weaponized the Media After Orlando
  32. ISIS disregards anything Muslims deem sacred
  33. Ramadan attacks point to Isis’s deadly reach
  34. American ISIS Defector: ‘I’ve Let My Nation Down’
  35. ISIS Uses Ramadan as Calling for New Terrorist Attacks
  36. Horrific ISIS Attacks During Ramadan Disguise a Retreating and Fracturing Terror Group
  37. Iraq: The World Capital of Terrorism
  38. The Jihad Will Be Televised
  39. How ISIS Weaponized the Media After Orlando
  40. A brief history of ISIS
  41. ISIS: A Short History
  42. ISIS: A History
  43. The Secret History of ISIS
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