Transgenders on the President’s Agenda

20 May 2016



Listen to Pastor Robert Jeffress with host Todd Starnes on the Family Research Council’s Washington Watch programme



  1. Megachurch Pastor Has 5 Big Issues With Bathroom Bills
  2. Hate Crimes, North Carolina & Restroom Confusion
  3. Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Edict Denies Reality
  4. Megachurch Pastor Swings the Sword of the Spirit in Transgender Debate
  5. Pro-LGBT businesses are worse than ISIS, says megachurch Pastor Robert Jeffress
  6. 6 Truths About Transgender ‘Bathroom Bills’
  7. Franklin Graham Says Charlotte Transgender Bathroom Bill Is ‘Wicked, Filthy’
  8. Christian legal aces face down LGBT ‘bathroom bullies’
  9. Transgender bathroom wars: Conservative backlash begins against Obama administration


  1. A Former Transgender Person’s Take on Obama’s Bathroom Directive
  2. PA Lawmakers Respond to Obama’s Bathroom Decree
  3. Why is Obama so obsessed with transgender toilet rights?
  4. PETITION: To Obama: Withdraw your extreme transgender school mandate NOW
  5. Starnes: We must defy Obama’s transgender decree — no matter the cost
  6. Obama Admin to Public Schools: You Have to Let Transgender Students Use Whichever Bathroom They Want
  7. Conservatives outraged over Obama transgender directive to public schools
  8. New Transgender Rules for Schools Are about Obama’s Culture War
  9. Majority opposed to Obama’s transgender school bathroom order: poll
  10. President Obama’s Transgender Proclamation Is Far Broader and More Dangerous than You Think
  11. Texas poised to be the next bathroom battleground in transgender fight






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