ARK! The Herald Angels Sing

27 Apr 2016


  1. Ark Encounter
  2. Ark Encounter – Facebook
  3. Ark Encounter News
  4. Noah’s Ark theme park in Kentucky to open July 2016
  5. Life-sized replica of Noah’s Ark nearing completion
  6. Amish carpenters nearing completion of life-sized Noah’s Ark
  7. Will Creationist’s Life-Sized Noah’s Ark Replica Help Prove the Bible’s Authenticity?
  8. Noah’s Ark workers must pledge Christianity
  9. Ken Ham Defends ‘The Ark Encounter’ to Secularist



  1. Ark of Noah Foundation
  2. Ark of Noah Foundation Facebook
  3. Noah’s Ark: Builder Dreamt Of Massive Flood In Netherlands, May Take Ark To Brazil For Olympics [Video]
  4. Christian Carpenter Who Spent Years Building 400-Foot Noah’s Ark Replica Makes Big Announcement About the Biblical Vessel


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