Earthquakes – Japan and Ecuador

22 Apr 2016


  1. It’s Been a Bad Week For Earthquakes, but Experts Don’t See a Seismological Trend
  2. Two Japan Earthquakes Leave Thousands in Shelters
  3. Questions and answers: The Kumamoto earthquakes
  4. Hopes of finding Ecuador quake survivors fade as death toll nears 500
  5. Ecuador earthquake death toll nears 500, expected to rise
  6. Pictures:


  1. Christians Urged to Pray, Donate to Help Victims in Ecuador Earthquake as Death Toll Hits 570
  2. Prayers and action following Ecuador earthquake
  3. Faith-Based Groups and International Community Offer Aid to Ecuador Earthquake Victims
  4. Christian aid groups rush to help victims of Ecuador quake
  5. Ecuador earthquake aftermath: Christians urged to pray, donate funds to help victims
  6. Earthquakes on the Increase? Or Warning of Judgment to come?
  7. Earthquakes And The End Times: A Geological And Biblical Perspective
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