Why They Chose to be Christians

07 Apr 2016


  1. Satanist to Christian
  2. Daughter of Satanist High Priest Tells of Her Experiences!
  3. Why Dr. Nabeel Qureshi Converted to Christianity
  4. Atheist Journalist Turns to Christ After Investigating Evidence – Lee Strobel
  5. Atheist Professor Richard Lumsden Converts To Christianity
  6. Atheist Conversions to Christianity
  7. Serial Killer Ted Bundy’s Last Interview
  8. Jana Harmon – From Darkness to Light: Atheist Conversions to Christianity
  9. Atheist Scientist Becomes Christian After Researching Evidence for God
  10. The Testimony of Ravi Zacharias
  11. Former homosexual, molested as a child, saved by Jesus Christ
  12. Jesus testimony: Annie Lobert- Confessions of a High Class Prostitute
  13. My Testimony about Jesus Christ
  14. WOW! This Jewish man turns to Jesus and explains why in a way you never heard before!
  15. A Jew converts to Christianity – Bob’s Story
  16. Why I Am a Christian (David Wood, Former Atheist)
  17. Atheist Doctor Finds Jesus After Doing His Own Research!!
  18. To Christianity – Al Fadis Testimony
  19. Matt and Nicole Wilder’s conversion from Mormonism to Christianity
  20. Testimony Of An Ex Witch Transformed By Jesus!
  21. Atheism to Christ: Atheists, Agnostics & Skeptics Converted to Christianity or Theism
  22. Young Sunni became Christian Pastor (Testimony)
  23. Jewish Man Converts to Christianity
  24. Messianic Rabbi at Christian Church
  25. A Scientist Converted to Christianity
  26. Messianic Rabbi shares how he accepted Yeshua as Messiah
  27. How I Became A Jewish Believer in Yeshua
  28. Jewish Woman Converts to Christianity
  29. The Quran Made Me Become CHRISTIAN
  30. Arab couple who at first hated Christianity become Christians
  31. Reza Afshar – How did I become a Christian?
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