Pastor Saeed Abedini

21 Mar 2016


  1. Prayer Answered, Pastor Saeed Abedini Released from Prison
  2. Naghmeh Abedini: ‘I’m Thankful for the Millions Who Prayed’
  3. Saeed on His Freedom: ‘Today Was Like the First Day of My Life’
  4. Christian pastor Saeed Abedini breaks silence after being freed in prisoner swap with Iran
  5. Saeed Abedini Describes Prison Torture, Praying 20 Hours a Day in First Interview
  6. Franklin Graham Says He’s Trying to Help Both Saeed and Naghmeh Abedini in Difficulty
  7. Pastor Saeed Abedini: Pray for My Marriage
  8. Saeed Abedini Reveals Beatings in Iranian Hospital Before His Mother; Now Thanks God for US Doctors
  9. Saeed Abedini: I Had No Voice in Prison, Was Tortured, but God Taught Me to Turn to Him
  10. Saeed Abedini: 10 Prisoners Came to Christ in First Year of Imprisonment
  11. Saeed Abedini Says He Witnessed Christians Deny Christ to Stop Brutal Torture in Prison
  12. Pastor Saeed Abedini Tells Christian Students What He Learned About God and the Devil in Iran Prison
  13. Saeed Abedini Says American Christians Lack True Revival; Iranians Evangelize, Pray 5 Hours a Day
  14. Pastor Saeed Abedini shares with students what he learned during time in prison
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